Making life easier for freelancers

Track your worktime easier with our time tracking tool, make sure you hit your deadlines with our project management tool and send your billable hours easier using our invoicing tool.

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Track your time

Keep a better track of your times by using our tracking timer that allows you to start and timer when you work and stop it when you are done. This way you will get precise timings your client will appreciate.

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Keep track of your projects

With our integrated timeline tool you can keep track of all your projects. See the deadlines, hours left and dates for you projects and make sure never to overlap projects again.

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See reports about your projects

Keep better track of your projects by using our report tool. See how many hours you have left, how many days until deadline and much more easily through visualizing and statistics.

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Create and send invoices

Convert your times tracked to invoices easily with our invoicing tool. Send your invoice through our e-mail manager or export your own PDF.

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Create clients and projects

Create clients and connect projects to them to get an easier overview over your times tracked.

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Security and privacy

Soloflow is doing daily backups of our data to make sure you data never disappears. We have based our services on well known technologies in the business.

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- Unlimited trackings
- 1 project
- 1 invoice
- 1 client

Almost all-in


- Unlimited trackings
- 6 projects
- 12 invoices
- 2 clients



- Unlimited trackings
- Unlimited projects
- Unlimited invoices
- Unlimited clients

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