CLI tool for time tracking!

We are developers! We use our Terminal(Yay iTerm2 🔥) everyday and all the time, so why not create a CLI tool for it to track our time!

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Quick demo of the CLI tool

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Command "soloflow start 'Project' 'Task'"

Write above command to start your soloflow time tracking. It is running in the background. Write 'soloflow status' to see status of the time tracking and 'soloflow' stop to stop and post the time tracking.

Command "soloflow trackings"

See your latest 20 time trackings easily by writing above command.

Command "soloflow projects"

See all your projects directly in your CLI tool. Use the project name to start your tracking.

You can also just use our web app!

We have a web app as well which has alot more features for you as a developer and freelancer! Visualize your projects with a timeline, create automatic invoices from your trackings, keep track of your clients and much more with our web app.

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- Unlimited trackings
- 1 project
- 1 invoice
- 1 client

Almost all-in


- Unlimited trackings
- 6 projects
- 12 invoices
- 2 clients



- Unlimited trackings
- Unlimited projects
- Unlimited invoices
- Unlimited clients